Laminate Flooring

Laminate is installed using a floating installation method. This means that the laminate is not fastened directly to the subfloor. The laminate boards lock to eachother creating one flooring sheet that floats on the subfloor. This method requires a 1/4" expansion gap around the perimeter of the laminate so that it has room to expand with temperature and humidity changes. This gap is covered with molding to create a finished look.

Direct-Pressure Laminate


The direct-pressure laminate technology we pioneered is superior because our flooring is completely balanced. The weight and quality of materials and pressure of production is identical on both the top and bottom of the board - creating a perfectly stable product with no bowing or collapsing in the center. This collapsed effect is common with competitors' floors as their top layer is too heavy and the underlayer is not thick enough.

Four Layers

  1. Transparent, Wear-Resistant Overlay
    Resistant to stains, wear, impact, scratches, burns and household chemicals.

  2. Design Layer
    Innovations and investments in technology offer the ultimate in realistic designs and textures.

  3. Water Resistant HDF Core Board
    Offers more strength than a normal chipboard or MDF board.

  4. Balancing Layer
    Moisture-resistant underlayer guarantees a perfectly stable product with no bowing or collapsing in the center - a problem that's common with competitors' flooring.
Laminate Flooring Construction Layers for Newington CT 06111