Vinyl Features


Comfort Foam

Comfort Foam is a luxurious cushioned vinyl backing supporting the vinyl structure and offering a base for indentation resistance. This backing reduces impact noise and sound transmission while guaranteeing unmatched underfoot comfort. The natural moisture-stop characteristics of pvc provide superior resistance to mold and mildew.


The fiberglass layer combines strength with flexibility, ensuring an easy and trouble-free installation process. This inter-layer offers your floor a unique dimensional stability, which means that it will not contract, expand, crack or curl.

Foam Layer

On top of the fiberglass layer comes a cushioned vinyl foam layer, allowing additional indentation recovery thanks to its resilient nature.

Quick Clean Wearlayer

The wearlayer determines the actual wear performance of your floor. The higher the wearlayer the more durable your floor. The wearlayer will give your floor its protection and resistance against general wear, dents, cuts and scratches, while retaining its lasting finish. The unique Quick Clean benefit offers you extra durability and better definition of design and color, ensuring a long-lasting luster and beauty for your floor.

Flexi-Tec Vinyl Flooring Construction Layers

10 Reasons for choosing Flexitec Luxury Cushioned Vinyl

  1. Carefree maintenance
    Flexitec floors clean in an instant. Thanks to the Quick Clean and Super Guard wearlayer your floor will resist stains and scuffs better than any other floor. An occasional sweep with water and a mild detergent is enough to keep your floor looking fantastic.

  2. Unprecedented durability
    Flexitec stands for extreme durablility. Beign 100% dimensionally stable, is guaranteed not to contract, expand, crack or curl. Moreover, your floor will not wearout under general domestic traffic and use during the duration of its warranty.

  3. Completely water-resistant
    Fiberglass Cushioned flooring gives water no chance. Thanks to its mold and mildew resistance, it is the preferred flooring for high moisture areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

  4. Endless design possiblilities
    Flexitec products open up a world of design options. Our vinyl flooring is available in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns to match your personal taste. It will unquestionably enhance the appearance of your room.

  5. Suitable anywhere
    Flexitec is ideal for every room of your house. The flexibility of this floor allows for easy installation anywhere, including upstairs rooms.

  6. Ultimate comfort
    Flexitec stands for comfort. Our flooring ensures you a comfortable and warm feel underfoot.

  7. Strikingly silent
    Flexitec vinyl dampens sounds effectively. The vinyl cusion layers of your Fiberglass Cushioned floor reduce impact noice and sound transmission more than any other hard-surface floors.

  8. Crucially hygienic
    Flexitec surface is the most hygienic and non-allergenic solution. As our flooring has no grout lines and fewer seams where moisture and dirt can hide, bacteria is virtually eliminated and house-mites do not stand a chance.

  9. Easily installable
    Flexitec cushioned vinyl can be installed over existing plywood, partical board, parquet or hard-wood, concrete, masonite, gypcrete, old linoleum, vinyl or tile, with limited extra efforts and costs. Handy homemakers can save money by tackling the installation job themselves.

  10. Surprisingly affordable
    Flexitec guarantees an optimal price-quality ratio. Long durability and low maintenance costs mean excellent value in the long run.