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Flooring Solutions for Basement Flooding and Water Issues

If you've ever had water issues in your basement, you know how frustrating it is to replace your damaged carpet or flooring. Whether your basement was damaged by Hurricane Irene, Superstorm Sandy, a leaky water heater, an overflowing toilet or any other reason, FloorsNow! can replace your carpet or flooring with a product that will stand up to the destructive powers of unwanted water.

Smart Options for Basement Flooring

Ceramic tile is a practical flooring option for basements where water is a concern. Exposure to water won't damage tile the way it will damage other materials. However, tile isn't as economical to install and many people don't prefer the cold, hard feel of tile, particularly in the New England climate.

Vinyl is a versatile and appealing basement flooring option for many reasons. Sheet vinyl comes in widths of either 12' or 13'-2" which is handy for larger areas. Sheet vinyl won't absorb moisture, so regardless of how much water it's exposed to, water can't damage it.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is yet another flooring option that will stand up to moisture, whether it's in a basement, a kitchen, or bathroom. LVT looks like ceramic tile and can even be installed with grout, but it repells water and is warmer to the touch and less prone to cracking than creramic tile.

Pet Friendly Carpet & Floor Solution

Luxury Vinyl Planks are the latest innovation in waterproof flooring. They install just like laminate flooring with no nails or glue to fasten them to the subfloor. The planks lock securely together and float on top of the subfloor. The planks are also made to look like real hardwood with a wide variety of finishes from which to choose. The advantage of luxury vinyl planks is that they can't get damaged by water because they are made entirely of vinyl, unlike traditional laminate flooring. Combine that with its durable dent and scratch resistence and you'll have a basement floor that is literally worry-free. This is our most recommended product for basements with potential water issues and customers are loving it..

Carpet, despite it's popularity, is not a recommended product for basements with a history of moisture issues. It can trap moisture, leading to that all too familiar 'basement smell' older homes can develop. That said, upgrading your carpet pad to one with a moisture barrier can help with localized spills. Also, carpet squares can help head off expensive replacement costs since individual squares can be replaced if they ever get damaged by water or any other means.

Regardless of your flooring preference for your specific basement situation, FloorsNow! will work with you to find the best solution for you and your pet. Call us at 1(888)412-4123 or stop by our showroom to get started.