Carpet and Flooring That’s Easy on Our Environment.

At FloorsNow!, we are aware of our place in the environment and our responsibility to contribute to the sustainability of the environment through our business practices. We encourage our customers to make eco-friendly flooring choices and provide them with attractive options to help them be a positive force for the environment.


Bamboo Flooring has the advantageous characteristic of growing extremely fast which makes it a fantastic renewable source for the environmentally conscious customer. When coupling that fact with bamboo’s unique grain, it’s not surprising that bamboo flooring continues to grow in popularity.


Cork Flooring is another amazing renewable resource that can be used in flooring. The cork actually comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. That means that the cork can be removed from the tree without harming it. And, even better, the cork regenerates around the tree and can be harvested again every ten years or so. The result is another unique product that is also gaining popularity in residential and commercial applications.
Cork Floor Installation Floors Now Newington CT
Luxury Vinyl Flooring installed by Floors Now Newington CT
Environmental-Friendly Carpet
Many carpets are now made from recycled materials resulting in a smaller impact on natural resources. Additionally, your old carpet can be recycled into various products, such as roofing materials and automotive parts.


Luxury Vinyl Tile
As you might expect from this innovative product, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is made from a high percentage of recycled content and at the end of the floor’s useful life, it can itself be recycled to be included in countless products.


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