Pets are an important part of your family.

Anyone who owns a pet can tell you how difficult finding the right flooring can be. From accidents to nail damage, pets have a reputation for ruining a variety of floors whether it’s carpet, hardwood, or tile grout. If you have a pet or are planning to get one, the best approach is to start with the right floor from the beginning. The best answer for a floor that stands up to the abuse dished out by pets is vinyl flooring. Whether sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl won’t absorb pet urine and it endures pet nails far better than other flooring options.

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If you really had your heart set on carpet or hardwood, don’t despair. We can help you make it work. An area rug over hard surface flooring is a versatile option compared to wall to wall carpet. Area rugs can be cleaned more effectively than wall to wall carpeting, and if damaged beyond repair, area rugs can be replaced more cost effectively than wall to wall carpet. Area rugs also protect hardwood from pet abuse while contributing to the décor of your home. Also, wall to wall carpet can still be a viable option with precautions such as padding with a moisture barrier, and stain resistant carpet.Regardless of your flooring preference and pet situation, FloorsNow! will work with you to find the best solution for you and your pet. Call us at (888) 412-4123 or stop by our showroom to get started.