Newington, CT’s Source for Custom Area Rugs

Area rugs as well as stair and hall runners are an awesome choice for further personalizing your home’s décor. Whether you’re looking for premade area rugs and runners, which come in a wide variety of designs, or you want custom made area rugs and runners made from any wall-to-wall carpet we can get our hands on, Floors Now! has it covered.

We can help recommend the appropriate size area for your needs and, if it’s a custom rug or runner that you want, we’ll take care of the cutting and binding. So whether you’re looking for a classic design or contemporary patterns, Floors Now! in Newington, CT should be your choice for area rug value.

Area Rugs and Runners: From Accent Pieces to Problem Solvers
The versatility of area rugs and runners makes it easy to add your own finishing touch to your home, but they also have a variety of practical purposes as well. Area rugs can be added to prolong the life of your flooring in high traffic areas. They can also soften sound in rooms which have hard surface flooring making for a more relaxed atmosphere. More importantly, however, area rugs and runners solve the problem that slippery hardwood and laminate floors can create. Over and over again, we’ve installed stair runners on slippery hardwood stairs after family members have slipped on them. Pets can also find hard-surface flooring difficult to navigate. Area rugs and runners are the perfect solutions. Call 1(888)412-4123 to get started, or just visit our showroom and we’ll take care of the rest.

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